IIn the quiet evening meadow I said "Muzelle, I know I only met you a short time ago but I feel like I have known you all my life. You have made me feel so happy in the last few days there are no words to express my love for you. So, I won't use words, Muzelle, this is how I feel about you." At that very moment I reached down to my hidden switch raised above the ground on a stick and took it in my hand and pressed it on. All of a sudden almost the entire meadow came to life in such amazing glory you could not describe the beauty of it all. The meadow was not lit as you would light it with a flood light or spot lights but individual patches of flowers and trees and shrubs lit up so artistically in one glorious heavenly effect it was way beyond my wildest dreams. All of Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland and Tinker Belles and Castles paled in comparison to the view before our eyes. It was breathtaking in every way. As if the lighting was not enough the mountains were silhouetted in the dim sky, there was just enough natural light left in the meadow that it added to the effect and made the strings of light all the more dramatic. It was like an entire city of the mountains for fairies and angels and covered with little glowing lights that gave the effect as if a fresh snowfall of pixie dust had just settled on the entire meadow. The crickets were now chirping and a few birds that had not gone to bed yet were singing little melodic songs in the evening dusky darkness. The lights were beginning to attract huge swarms of fire flies and they shot through the meadow leaving little arcs of yellow trails like little shooting stars come alive to fly among a glorious vision of the most profound fantasy of light. The flowers in the field were aromatically enhanced by the misty air and you knew there was something unearthly going on for this audience of two. Each bulb of light was wrapped in a hazy halo of light and made to appear as a soft edge of ethereal light covering almost the entire meadow. In the middle of it all the bed glowed with the same hazy halo but in brilliant colors of red, blue, green and yellow. The lights drooped in beautiful swags of stars that dropped from the heavens and attached themselves in the outline of a heavenly four poster bed. The whole scene was so profoundly beautiful   that Muzelle began to cry in little gulps and she squeezed my hand tightly and she turned to me and hugged me and kissed me in a way only the heart engulfed in a profound love can do. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she took my hand and led me out to the field toward the bed glowing like a rainbow in the night. Huge galaxies of stars appeared overhead and twinkled like one huge ocean of the cosmos and just when it was all so overwhelming and far beyond anything that anyone could ever imagine and just then at that exact moment a crescent moon began to appear above the mountain tops and sent rays of spotlight through all the

 cracks in a sea of swirling clouds. Muzelle led me further and further into the field and then we stood in front of the glowing bed. As we stood there silent among the glowing meadow reflecting every natural subdued shade of straw and green mixed with twinkling stars Muzelle reached down and took her belt and unthreaded it where it was intricately woven around her belt loops and removed it and placed it on the top of the rustic headboard and gave it one loop around so the beautiful little pink conch shell hung down and began to sway softly in the warm meadow night breezes. She undid one snap at her waist and then sat down on the bed and pulled me toward her.

On this night of falling stars and angels the trees got their first lesson in love and they were not indifferent to it. Their slender rustic trunks and branches swayed and shook in the night breeze and their leaves rustled with excitement and the constant motion never ceased and stirred the winds to greater breezes and greater rustlings and the soft whoosh of the air filled the meadow with a hushed siren of noise. It was hair on hair, chest to chest and skin to skin, legs entwined with legs and arms in arms all of one mind and body and soul; Mind to mind, soul to soul, spirit to spirit and heart to heart. The meadow glowed and the flowers of the fields and rustling bushes were illuminated and bowed in the night breeze while fire flies swarmed around them like miniature shooting ground stars and the world stopped for one fleeting moment to look at the dark sky and feel the great constellation of love.