Your Hills Are Calling

First Draft

Oh the power of the CWW (Cosmos Wide Web) such an amazing place. You can pretend you wrote a book, design a book cover for a non-existent book and even give your book an award from a non-existent organization Actually my non-existent book does have a few real pages. Here is what happened, I wrote this book in my mind over a 10 year period. Kinda like air guitar. Then I thought what if I had a book in my head that was about all the things that happened to me, all the things that didn't happen to me but could have, all the things that did happen to me but should't have, all the things I wanted to happen to me and all the things I didn't. What if I mixed it all up with fiction, fact, biography, surrealism, dada and just plain unbridled mind flow and use creative punctuation without borders, grammatical permissiveness and intuitive structure. I wondered "what would the book cover look like." Are you confused yet? Better to be confused than to cry.

It all begins as a dark, cold, river fog tale and seems to end that way. What you will find later are rays of warm, glowing October sunlight, radiating hope, love and calm into the seemingly impenetrable bramble.

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